Real Estate Photographer

Commercial Real Estate Photography

I have done real estate photography in the toughest, most challenging environment there is: large-scale commercial construction sites. I even have my own construction safety gear and an FAA drone pilot license.


Residential real estate photography

I also have extensive marketing experience, which means I know how what to look for in residential real estate to make it the most appealing and marketable.


Why Hire a Real Estate Photographer?

Professionalize Your Image

I’ve seen some pretty ugly, amateur real estate photos on website and in real estate listings in my time. Using amateur photos in your listings tells your clients you are not professional, don’t care enough to put in the extra effort, and are sloppy/careless. Not somebody they want representing them, that’s for sure.

Grab More of the Market

Having amazing photos of a property automatically draws attention to it. If prospective clients have a choice (and they do) between a lousy-looking piece of property and one that has been professionally represented, they will choose the one with the better images.

Save Yourself Time Better Spend Elsewhere

Taking real estate photos requires a minimum of at least an hour of shooting time plus drive time. Often more. That’s 2-3 you could be spending on better client relations.

Increase Customer Service

From a seller’s perspective, do you think they would rather have their property represented by cheap, lazy cell phone snapshots or a professional portfolio?


Circkles Photography has over 30 years of experience as a photographer in the advertising, marketing and publishing industries