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Why hire one of those “Real Estate Media” services when you can work with the photographer directly for half the price? It is always best to deal directly with the source of your services and eliminate the middle man for many reasons. The real estate photography service companies that are popping up everywhere pay the person creating your images the least, while they pocket the rest. This doesn’t give a photographer much incentive to work for them for very long, which is probably why they are always advertising for photographers.

You will develop a rapport and solid professional relationship with your photographer that will last a lifetime if you work with them directly, and this will give you the added benefit of eventually not having to explain what you want at all: your photographer will already know what you are looking for. All you have to do is call them up with the listing address. Working directly with the professional taking your images ensures there are fewer mistakes due to relaying information through a third party, and the photographer will get an idea of the style and goals you hope to achieve more effectively than by having someone else trying to explain it to them and leaving it open to misinterpretation.