This is one of the most special days of your life and you want to enjoy the memories forever. You also want it to be special, uniquely you, as stress-free as possible, elegant, affordable, and timeless. Every photographer is going to tell you that they will capture your special moments. It’s probably very difficult for you to choose a photographer based on what their advertising is telling you because it’s pretty much all the same from every photographer. That being said, why should you choose Circkles Photography to be your wedding photographer? Let’s start with the following reasons:

Over 30 years of photography experience.

From the time I got my first camera (a 126 which most people have never even heard of today), I was hooked as a shutterbug. I have done photography of every type, style, genre, and for every kind of client since then. What advantages does all that experience offer you?

THE ULTIMATE WOW FACTOR: You can hire any wedding photographer and probably get satisfactory results. But with 75% of them, you won’t get that “Wow” factor. That one or two shots that nobody else will ever have in their wedding portfolio and for which family and friends will look at in awe for years after. That is what distinguishes a truly professional photographer from all the rest. That one or two shots that people will look at and ask, “how did they do that?” The “Wow” factor can only be created by a photographer with years and years of experience in how to manipulate a shot the way they want in order to achieve that “Wow.”

RELIABILITY: I can handle any crisis, photography challenge, or possible unforeseen problem that may arise during your photo shoot. All those years of experience have given me the knowledge and skill to handle any problem-solving task. One thing you cannot learn in photography school, or as an amateur with only a few years of experience, is all the possible things that can go wrong during a shoot. That takes years of encountering different climates, situations, environments, conditions and challenges to master. This all adds up to reliability on your big day. Having a wedding photographer you know can handle anything that may come up will greatly put your mind at ease. Creating lifelong memories of your special event will be one less thing you have to worry about with a seasoned professional wedding photographer that can handle anything.

Aerial photo of brideCREATIVITY: Of course, every photographer thinks they are creative, however, very few really are. Having 30 years of photography experience also has given me the ability to know what my equipment, my situation, the environment, and the subject will allow me to do to push the envelope of creativity successfully. You don’t want your wedding photos to look like everyone else’s. You want them to be a reflection of you, as special as your day was to you. I use my own process for finding out what that is for you. Which also gets more effective with years of experience.

Serving: Bozeman MT, Billings MT, Cody Wyoming, Sheridan WY, Laramie WY, Cheyenne WY, and surrounding areas. Will travel upon request.