Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer

the ultimate “wow” factor

That one or two shots in your wedding album that nobody else will ever have and that you, friends, and family will look at in wonder and amazement for years to come, that is the “Wow” factor. You are a unique individual, and you
want your wedding day to be a reflection of you, not thousands of others who have the exact same shots the only thing that has changed is the dress and bridesmaids’ gowns. I have over 30 years of knowledge, technique and skill
that provides me with the ability to know how to push the envelope to get that “Wow” factor.

Wedding Makeup Tips,
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Ever have nightmares while planning your wedding that the photographer won’t show up? One thing a photographer cannot learn in photo school, or know as an amateur with only a couple of years experience, is all the things that can,
and do, go wrong during a photo session. Handling any catastrophe takes years of encountering different weather, climates, conditions, situations and environments. Only a seasoned photographer knows how to handle anything that
is thrown at them without panicking or making errors that could cost you precious memories that cannot be recorded ever again.

Wedding Checklist.


Every photographer thinks they are creative….but very few truly are. And so many of them think that because they can click a shutter and have images that turn out okay, that they are professionals. I had a college professor once
tell me that “You have to learn the rules in order to know how to break them.” A photographer with as much experience as I have has been around the block multiple times, and knows how to use equipment, timing, light and surroundings
to their advantage. It’s not enough just to shoot away hoping for a good or unique accident, it takes planning and foresight to predict what will make an amazing creative shot and what will be an experimental flop. 

My Photography Experience

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

If you have all the information listed below ready when you call us, we can give you a more accurate price and timeframe.

Wedding Date & Location

When is the wedding day and what is the address for the location of the wedding ceremony and the reception? Will it be an outdoor or indoor wedding and reception? Any particular special requests you may have for photos? Do
you want Circkles to also photograph the pre-ceremony preparations of the bride, groom, wedding party etc.?

What type of products do you want?

Do you want prints, an album or digital files? Do you want video? Circkles Photography grants printing rights automatically, which means you can either have us do high quality professional prints for you or you can get them
printed wherever you like. We can also do canvas prints, metal prints and high quality, long-lasting Giclee prints. We will give you a video file that you can play on just about any type of digital equipment.

Do you also want to do a private photo session for your engagement photos and wedding photos?

It’s very common these days for couples to have a private photo session after the wedding day instead of during the church ceremony so they can go out on location in the mountains or place of their choice and take photos while
they still have their wedding attire. On-location engagement sessions are also popular.

How many people will attend?

The size of the wedding party and guest list is necessary so we can determine how many photographers we may need to cover it. It’s also helpful for us to know in advance who the key players are, such as the father of the bride,
flower girl, ring bearer etc.


Circkles Photography has over 30 years of experience as a photographer in the advertising, marketing and publishing industries

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Licensed Drone Photographer, Product Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Real Estate Photographer etc

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